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To Whom It May Concern:

Greg Boehle, Reverse Mortgage Professional recently assisted me with obtaining a reverse mortgage. From start to finish, Mr. Boehle has provided highly professional, effective, proactive and credible advice and guidance.

At my first in person meeting with Mr. Boehle, he provided me with extremely helpful details on: How reverse mortgages work from start to finish; important factors to consider in making a decision; safeguards in place to ensure I would be fully informed of all aspects of the process; resources that provide professional, independent guidance and evaluation to ensure my decisions were in my best interest; and an overview of what to expect in the short and long term. At subsequent in person and phone meetings, email correspondence and by phone, Mr. Boehle continued to diligently, proactively and effectively guide me through decisions and the process of initiating my reverse mortgage, expedited the total process from initiation to completion in record time, never "cutting corners" or overlooking details.

Since my reverse mortgage was funded and completed, Mr. Boehle assured me that he would always be available "for the rest of his life" to assist me as needed. His professionalism, integrity, knowledge and guidance have truly inspired my confidence in proceeding with the significant decision to move forward with a reverse mortgage, knowing that I can always reach out to him for wise advice and guidance when needed.

I highly recommend Greg Boehle, Reverse Mortgage Professional without reservation.


Carol B.
Redding, CA